Preventive Routine Care

Preventative care typically begins when the first tooth erupts, no later than the age of one.

Committing to preventative routine care will lay the foundation for your child’s good oral health so that they can have a cavity-free childhood. Routine cleanings, fluoride treatments, hygiene and diet counselling are all part of the preventative care program.

As a part of the preventative program, we also provide sealants. Sealants are placed over your child’s tooth, not because there is decay, but to prevent any decay. They are used when the tooth is more vulnerable to decay because of its shape and deep grooves that are hard to clean and maintain.

For infants, we monitor the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaws.

Older children will be monitored for potential future orthodontic needs, development of wisdom teeth and general health of gums.

The core of the preventative routine care program is that we get to know your child and monitor his or her dental needs.

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