Restorative Visits

When decay is present, your child may require restorations such as a filling, crowns, nerve treatment or extractions.

We strive to make this visit a positive experience by explaining to your child what the procedure entails in an easy to understand and kid-friendly manner.

While some children are extremely comfortable receiving dental treatment, other children may have different degrees of fear or anxiety. Every child is different, and we will individually assess each patient’s anxiety level. In consultation with the parents we can then recommend appropriate behaviour management techniques and treatment options to assist with the goal of making the dental visit a positive experience.

Here is some information on some basic treatments commonly conducted in a restorative visit:

White Fillings

In teeth with small to average size decay, we will attempt to restore the cavity with a tooth colored material. This type of filling bonds to the tooth and supports the remaining tooth structure. It is also highly aesthetic, blending in with the natural tooth.

Stainless Steel Crowns/Caps

A stainless steel crown is a “cap” placed over a tooth with extensive decay to restore its strength, shape, size and appearance. They are typically used on molars and back teeth when a white filling wouldn’t be strong enough.

Nerve Treatment

When a deep cavity gets into the nerve (or pulp) of the tooth, treatment must be completed to prevent development of an abscess or infection. A pulpotomy treatment involves removal of the nerve in the crown (or top) of the tooth. This area is then sterilized and sealed prior to placement of an appropriate restoration.

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